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Our Sale Policy

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Before we process your order, there are specific terms you must acknowledge, understand, and confirm adherence to:

  • I understand that I will need to manually unload the panels off of the back of the truck and that the driver is not required to assist with unloading. Furthermore, I understand that freight companies occasionally miss delivery appointments and they do not reimburse for such lapses.
  • I confirm that the Ship To address and all items on my order are 100% accurate. Any changes made after my order has shipped, to the address or items, will incur re-consignment and BOL change fees, which I am responsible for.
  • I confirm that I have read the shipping, sale and return policies.
  • I confirm that whoever receives the order will carefully inspect the exterior of the shipment for damage and note the details of the damage on the driver's bill of lading, and take pictures of the damage if possible. Ambient will provide free replacements for items damaged during shipment, however we can only replace the number of items that were recorded on the damage note and are shown in photos. You can email all damage photos to
  • I confirm that I will inspect all panels prior to installation carefully and if panels with visible defects are altered or installed, those sheets will not be covered by warranty.
  • I confirm that I must acclimate the panels for 72 hours in the environment in which they are going to be installed.
  • I confirm that I will store the panels in a horizontal orientation, as storing the panels vertically on edge (standing on their narrow sides) may cause warping.

Sales Tax

If Ambient does not have economic nexus in the state we are shipping your order to, we are not required to charge sales tax. The list of states that Ambient has economic nexus is subject to change at any time and we reserve the right to collect sales tax on any order to ensure we comply with each state's tax laws regardless of any marketing promotions, coupons or discounts offered. Individual state tax laws may require you to report and pay taxes on certain purchases of your own accord; we recommend that you contact your state tax authority with sales tax liability questions.