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Our Shipping Policy

Important Things to Know Before Your Order Ships

Unless otherwise specified, we ship all orders out within 3 business days. Once shipped, transit times are typically between 3-10 business days but can vary based on your location (see Estimated Transit Times map further down this page). Once your order reaches the freight carrier's local terminal in your area, the terminal staff will call you to schedule a delivery appointment (they will not deliver the order without an appointment).

Average Transit Times

The following are estimated transit times from purchase to delivery. Please remember, the shipment will first arrive at the freight carrier's local terminal that is closest to your address, and the terminal staff at that location will call you to schedule a delivery appointment (unless you have specified freight dock or business delivery). Additionally, the time windows below are estimated transit times - some shipments may arrive later, or sooner, than expected to due a variety of factors.


Scheduling Your Delivery Appointment

Unless you have requested freight dock or business delivery, the freight company won't deliver your order until a delivery appointment has been set - the local freight terminal staff will call you to make this appointment, or you can call the freight company directly once you receive your shipment information email from Ambient. The freight companies schedule delivery appointments via time windows of 2-6 hours as opposed to specific time appointments (e.g. 9:32 am).

If Your Order is Delayed or Lost by the Freight Company

Ambient is not liable for shipments that are lost or delayed due to mishandling by the freight carrier. An Ambient team member will be happy to assist you with things like locating your tracking number and coordinating a reshipment of a lost order when necessary, but other tracking, delivery, or delayed shipment questions should be directed to the freight company directly. Please note that the carrier's website tracking information is not always accurate - for accurate tracking information, please call the freight company directly at the phone number provided in your shipping confirmation email. Here are the freight companies that we commonly we ship with:

Delivery Note

For residential deliveries of products over 6 feet in length the purchaser must manually unload the items from the rear of the delivery truck, and the delivery truck may or may not back into your driveway.

Missed Delivery Appointments

Approximately 5% of delivery appointments are missed by the freight companies due to a variety of factors including mechanical breakdown of trucks, traffic delays, and a variety of other factors. In these instances the freight companies do not reimburse for shipping charges, your time taken off work, or labor hired to wait for the delivery, therefore we strongly recommend not to hire contractors with the sole purpose of waiting for a delivery.

Unfortunately, sometimes when they miss an appointment they also do not call you to alert you that they're going to miss the appointment. Conversely, please note that if you are not on site to receive your shipment during your agreed-upon delivery time window, some freight companies will charge you a hefty re-delivery fee. We agree - it's not fair! Unfortunately it's a standard policy for freight companies (however it's also a reason why shipping costs are affordable for us all).


If the order arrives with damage - do not refuse the shipment. Usually the damage looks worse than it is! It's best to receive the product and receive a replacement later than to turn the entire order away - just make 100% sure to note the **detailed damages** on the delivery receipt, and take pictures of the damage showing all damage within one photo and a few up close photos. For example you can write "14 boxes of flooring damaged beyond use..." or similar. We can only send replacements for the number of items you have claimed as damaged on the delivery receipt/BOL. These details must be recorded on the driver's delivery receipt and reported to Ambient within 7 days of receipt to qualify for replacement, so please call us immediately at (301) 498-0234 and email pictures to so that we can note your account and ship you replacements as needed.

Make sure to record the exact details of the damage ("one box damaged," "two boxes damaged," etc.) on the bill of lading (delivery receipt) that the driver will have you sign. Note that you can just check the exterior of the shipment for damage - you do not need to open all of the boxes while the driver is on site. Just make sure to mark the number of boxes or items that appear to be damaged.

Once the driver is gone, open the boxes to assess the damage - it may only be on the outside of the box. Please take photos if possible because we will need evidence that the damage occurred. Do not discard damaged items as they may salvaged by the shipping company. Any discarded material will not be replaced.

** If you do not make note of damages or missing items on the driver's bill of lading at the time of receipt or if you discard the damaged items you will not be refunded for damaged or missing items . **

Driver Detention Fees

Once the freight driver arrives on site you will be provided with 60-90 minutes of unloading time aka 'free time' (these times may vary depending on the freight carrier and you can ask the driver if you think there will be an unloading delay). As the recipient of the freight order, you are responsible for additional shipping charges incurred if you exceed the allotted 'free time' while unloading your order. Please reach out to an Ambient team member before purchase if you feel you may need a longer unloading time or to discuss other options.

Returns & Defects

If you feel you have received a non-conforming or defective product, this defect must be reported to Ambient within 7 days. Returns are not accepted on items that have been out of our possession for more than 90 days, clearance items, or custom items. For detailed information please check our return policy.

Freight Costs & Other Shipping Details

If the delivery address is an island, or in a rural, high density urban, or low-volume freight shipping area, a shipping surcharge from the freight carrier may apply. Please note that it is the freight companies that determine which areas fall within these categories, and they increase their rates accordingly. While Ambient may still subsidize a large portion of the shipping costs, the remainder of the increased charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Ambient reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason before shipment, which will result in a full refund to the customer within 5 business days.